Amplifier-free 200-Gb/s tandem SSB doubly differential QPSK signal transmission over 80-km SSMF with simplified receiver-side DSP



Data underpinning publication of the same name

Collection Method: 1. “B2B peformance for different modulation formats.xlsx” compares B2B system performance using different modulation formats; 2. “Frequency Offset and linewidth tolerance.xlsx” compares frequency offset tolerance and linewidth tolerance between QPSK and DDQPSK; 3. “Hybrid Imperfection.xlsx” shows the impact of imperfect 90 degree hybrids with commercial specifics on system performance; 4. “Optical Spectrum.xlsx” shows optical spectrum for TSSB and SSB modulated signal; 5. “Performance for TSSB and SSB.xlsx” compares performance for TSSB and SSB modulation 6. “Tap Length impact on DDQPSK performance” shows the impact of the tap length of multi-symbol decision feedback doubly differential decoding on system performance; 7. “Transmission performance.xlsx” compares the performance of the DDQPSK signal transmission over different fiber length (B2B and 80-km SMF) with different PRBS pattern length.

Funding: EPSRC (EP/L000091/1, EP/M005283/1, EP/L00044X/1, EP/M009092/1, EP/J017582/1), European Union (659950), China Scholarship Council
Date made available20 Oct 2017
PublisherAston Data Explorer
Date of data production2017

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