PyScale: A software package for analysis of nucleotide sequences



Nucleotide scales were collected by scrutinising the primary scientific literature. Data acquisition progressed in two stages. Initially, two re-views (Sandberg et al., 1996; Polyansky et al., 2013) were parsed, identifying a core set of scales. We also undertook quasi-exhaustive literature searches, using assorted search terms within PUBMED, Sco-pus, and ISI Web of Knowledge, together with retrospective and pro-spective searching using citation look-up. In all cases, we read original articles to identify data items. PyScale 1.0 contains 243 mononucleotide, 46 dinucleotide, and 17 trinucleotide scales. Data were processed using two codes, one terminal based ( and the other GUI based (, both based on python3.

Funding: Nuffield Foundation through Aston University

Project: Antimicrobial Drug Repurposing Using Clinical Data – Acquisition, Analysis & Modelling
Date made available5 Nov 2019
PublisherAston Data Explorer
Date of data production2019

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