Stream segregation of concurrent speech and the verbal transformation effect: Influence of fundamental frequency and lateralization cues

  • Marcin Stachurski (Creator)
  • Robert Summers (Creator)
  • Brian Roberts (Creator)



Data underpinning publication of the same name

Collection Method: The accompanying files comprise data derived from listeners’ responses to concurrent and single sequences of repeated stimulus words for Experiments 1 and 2 of the article of the same title (Stachurski, Summers, and Roberts, 2017, Hearing Research). Each spreadsheet comprises a demographics worksheet and separate worksheets of individual listeners' data and summary data for the following measures: number of verbal transformations, number of verbal forms, time to first verbal transformation, and dwell time of the initial form. For Experiment 1 only, an additional "Indices" worksheet provides individual listeners' data and summary data for three customised measures of the relationship between responses to two concurrent sequences - the dependency index, temporal overlap index, and intervening responses index

Funding: EPSRC (EP/F016484/1)

Project: The perceptual organization of speech: Contributions of general and speech-specific factors
Date made available2 Aug 2017
PublisherAston Data Explorer
Date of data production2008 - 2012

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