Miss Aimee Postle

    • United Kingdom

    Personal profile


    Aston University

    Master of Education                                                                                                 2023

    Award: Distinction

    Final project: “Counting Capital: An exploratory study into my perceptions of the role of team entrepreneurs’ social and cultural capital in the development of their entrepreneurial competence and capacity”

    Completed modules: Embedding technology into campus-based and distance-learning programmes; Enhancing academic provision through University-wide collaboration; Promoting quality processes in academic programmes; Participant-negotiated independent study


    Akatemia CIC

    Team Mastery (Cohort 8) / Association for Coaching Coach CPD                        2021


    Content: Understanding the self as part of a team; the learning contract; coaching and facilitation; teams and individuals; reflexivity; customers and business; Team Academy Toolkit; Rocket Model; leadership and self-leadership; challenges in Team Academy teams; storytelling and metaphor; Clean Language; exploring the heart of Team Academy in Finland   


    Aston University

    Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education       2021

    Award: Distinction

    Modules: Evolving your teaching practice; Becoming a designer of academic programmes; Becoming a research-led innovator in Higher Education


    University of South Wales

    Master in Business Administration                                                                        2019

    Award: Distinction

    Dissertation: “Flex Appeal: An exploratory study of management attitudes to flexible working in UK independent SME PR agencies”

    Assessments: “A Critical Evaluation of the Application of Authentic Leadership Theory focusing on Role Modelling, Creativity and Internal Communications in the context of Prova Public Relations” and “Exploring manager and employee perceptions of flexible working in West Midlands-based SME public relations consultancy, five years on from the introduction of The Flexible Working Regulations 2014”


    Chartered Institute of Marketing (Coventry University)

    Level 6 Professional Diploma in Marketing                                                           2010

    Modules: Managing Marketing; Marketing Planning Process; Project Management in Marketing


    Chartered Institute of Public Relations (Birmingham City University)

    CIPR Diploma in Public Relations                                                                          2009

    Project: “Public Relations Education: A study of the role played by PR-specific education in the recruitment process”


    Chartered Institute of Public Relations (Birmingham City University)

    Level 5 Advanced Certificate in Public Relations                                                 2008

    Award: Distinction


    I am a former PR agency board director and now independent consultant, coach and trainer. For the past 15+ years, I’ve honed my skills working with more than 100 PR and marketing clients, lecturing in several universities, coaching multiple international teams, and delivering training to membership organisations and trade bodies.

    In my role as Business Enterprise Development Coach at Aston University, I work with MSc and BSc team entrepreneurs to support their personal and professional development through the power of team coaching. I also deliver leadership and career development support through the Aston Edge MBA modules, and am a team coach for the full-time MBA, Aston Business Clinic and the Global Business Challenge. 



    Business Enterprise Development Coach & MSc BED Programme Director 2020-

    Formally appointed Business Enterprise Development Coach and MSc lead from Oct 2021

    Coached UG & PGT teams from Oct 2020; completed first and second marking; attended Exam Board; developed ‘Into the Woods’ induction; supported rewrite of assessment briefs


    Beyond the below, delivery outside of the Centre includes:

    • BPG130B AGA module;
    • Aston Centre for Growth Help to Grow programme;
    • BH2272 L5 module


    External Placements Consultant                                                                             2020-

    Project managed second-year undergraduate placements preparation assessment and marking; designed and developed revised assessments; liaison with module leads


    Global Business Challenge Coach                                                                         2020-

    Coached international teams of students from 5+ universities through business challenges


    Aston Business Clinic Coach and Trainer                                                            2020-

    Coached Original (8-week) and Placements (20-week) teams through business challenges; developed and delivered project management and client relationship training


    Aston Edge Lecturer                                                                                                2019-

    FULL-TIME MBA: Co-led Aston Edge module 2019-2021; developed syllabus and course structure; delivered weekly leadership and careers workshops; developed revised assessments; completed first and second marking; attended Exam Board  

    ONLINE MBA: Co-developed Aston Edge Futures and Aston Edge Growth and Reflections modules; delivered webinar for each cohort on the carousel, six times per year for Futures and twice for G&R; developed revised assessments; completed first and second marking

    EXECUTIVE MBA: Developed and delivered full-day workshops on The Coaching Leader & Leading High Performance Teams; supported delivery of Influential Leader/Personal Brand


    MBA Team Coach                                                                                                     2019-

    Coached 12+ MBA teams through business challenge activity; coordinated coaching pool; sourced new coaches; delivered coach training and peer supervision


    MBA Careers Consultant                                                                                         2019-2021

    Supported c.1,000 full-time, executive and online MBA students with information, advice and guidance; acted as Personal Tutor for full-time and executive MBA students; developed and hosted Recession Proof Careers and Leadership Stories webinars, as well as the Aston Virtual World of Work & Sustainability Conference 2020 and 2021

    Visiting Appointments


    Online Masters Module Facilitator                                                                          2021

    Supported 25 online Masters students through Leadership and People Management module, including summative and formative assessment feedback


    Postgraduate Dissertation Supervisor                                                                   2021

    Supervised 10x international postgraduate students with a focus on digital marketing for their Independent Postgraduate Research Project


    Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma Course Tutor                                     2020-2021

    Developed and delivered content for three modules: Marketing Strategy; Marketing Innovation; The Digital Customer Experience

    University received a commendation for the quality of candidate submissions in July 2021


    Chartered Institute of Marketing Certificate Course Tutor                                  2020

    Developed and delivered content for one module: Customer Insights


    Visiting Lecturer                                                                                                       2020

    Co-delivered third-year module: Managing Corporate Reputation, Jan-May 2020  



    Final-year Dissertation Marker                                                                                2021

    First marked 10x final-year undergraduate Major Projects for BA (Hons) Media and Communication


    Chartered Institute of Public Relations Professional Diploma Course Tutor 2019-2021

    Developed and delivered content for three modules (two cohorts): PR Strategy & Planning; PR Content, Communications & Engagement; PR Management, Measurement & Evaluation

    First marked submissions; praised by external examiners for teaching and feedback


    Chartered Institute of Public Relations Professional Certificate Course Tutor2018-2020

    Developed and co-delivered content for three modules (three cohorts): PR in Context: Research & Planning; Content, Media & Engagement; Measurement, Evaluation & Professional Ethics

    First marked submissions


    Visiting Lecturer                                                                                           2020-2021; 2023-

    Co-delivered MA PR module: PR Theory, Sep to Dec 2023, Jan to Mar 2024

    Developed optional skills session: Social Media for Employability, May 2021

    Co-delivered third year module: Communication Management, Sep to Dec 2020

    Delivered two sessions on second year module: Live Production (Time Management and Client Management), Oct 2020

    Membership of Professional Bodies

    CIPR Chartered Practitioner (Chart.PR)                                                                    2022-

    Fellow (FHEA), Advance HE                                                                                      2021-

    Women in PR, Member                                                                                              2020-

    Association for Coaching, Member                                                                            2020-

    Institute of Leadership and Management, Member                                                   2015-

    Chartered Institute of Marketing, Member                                                                  2010-

    Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Member                                                       2007-

    Key research projects

    Book: ‘How to Enable Engagement Between Universities and Business: A Guide for Building Relationships”                                                                                        2024   

    Eds. Daniels, Kathy and Hansen, Saskia Loer

    Chapter (with Angelike Paez, Dr Sophia Koustas, Dr Christine Blais, Dr Megan Shay):  “Lessons Learned from Multiple Iterations of a Global Business Challenge” [Due 2024]


    Book: ‘Women’s Work in PR: An Edited Collection’                                            2024

    Eds. Williams, Sarah; Bridgen, Elizabeth

    Chapter: “Flex Appeal: Flexible working, women PR leaders, and my own experience as a non-parent woman leader in PR” [Due 2024]                                     


    Conference: ICERI 2023                                                                                           2023

    Presentation: “How to Create Accountability Through Shared Grades? A Case Study from the BED Programme at Aston University” [presented by Peter Tasi, co-authored with Jordan Shaw and Dr Elinor Vettraino]


    Conference: ISBE 2023                                                                                            2023

    Powerpoint Presentation: “Counting Capital: An exploratory study into my perceptions of the role of team entrepreneurs’ social and cultural capital in the development of their entrepreneurial competence and capacity”


    Practitioner Paper and Presentation: “Exploring the relationship between an entrepreneurial ecosystem and entrepreneurship education outcomes” [with Dr Elinor Vettraino, Peter Tasi, Jordan Shaw and Vanessa Clarke] 


    Conference: IEEC 2023                                                                                            2023

    Facilitated workshop: "The benefits and challenges of engaging in an international collaborative business challenge programme”


    Conference: TAUK 2023                                                                                           2023

    Facilitated workshop: "Outcomes from an MEd dive into the social, cultural and economic capital of Team Entrepreneurs"


    Book: ‘Business Teaching Beyond Silos: Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Learning’                                                                                                              2023   

    Eds. Traczykowski, Lauren, et al

    Case Study (with Jordan Shaw): “Chapter 15: Team coaching as an interdisciplinary learning medium”


    Conference: Aston Future of Work and Sustainability Conference                2022

    Organiser and host (with Elsa Zenatti-Daniels)


    Conference: TAUK 2021                                                                                           2021

    Facilitated workshop: “Team Academy: Exclusive or Inclusive?”


    Conference: Aston Virtual World of Work and Sustainability Conference    2021

    Organiser and host (with Elsa Zenatti-Daniels)


    Conference: UNFEAR 2020                                                                                     2020

    Presentation (with Yasmin Ansari): “Breaking Barriers: Team Coaching with MBAs”


    Conference: Aston Virtual World of Work Conference                                        2020

    Organiser and host (with Yasmin Ansari)


    Conference: MBACSEA 2020 [cancelled]                                                              2020   

    Workshop (with Yasmin Ansari): “Breaking Barriers: Team Coaching with MBAs”


    Conference: First International History of PR Conference                                  2010

    Presentation: “A qualified PR Professional: Nice to have or necessity?”

    Professional/editorial offices

    Chartered Institute of Public Relations (Chartership Assessor)                                                                  2024-

    Appointed January 2024

    Chartership Assessor


    Sheffield Hallam University (External Examiner)                                                                                    2022-

    Appointed October 2022

    Programmes: Journalism, Public Relations with Media


    Chartered Institute of Public Relations (External Examiner)                                                                  2022-

    Appointed March 2022

    Programmes: CIPR Professional Diploma, CIPR Professional Certificate, CIPR Specialist Diploma in Sustainability Communications [reserve]