Most inspiring lecturer 2020

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    Over the course of this module Iftakar showed such enthusiasm and passion for her field of research that it really engaged me in the content. The standard and quality of her teaching made the module highly enjoyable which was reflected in the good turnout she received despite being a 9am lecture. Furthermore, Iftakar’s use of relevant practical examples that students could find exciting really helped to show the way the theory worked in the real-world. Through using her own research, new reports and industry connections, Iftakar truly showed us the power of retail marketing and retail management in a new light. This has then inspired me to look for jobs within the retail industry later in my career…She also shared new links and reports, including a ‘weekly retail new round up’ for students to explore to learn more about the topic outside of lectures…Moreover, for our coursework she encouraged us to get out into the retail scene and interact with the services on offer to include more critical analysis and reflection in our work.”
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