All optical wavelength conversion at 2.488GBits/s using the integrated multi grating cavity (MGC) laser

M. Owen, J.D. Bainbridge, M.F.C. Stephens, R.V. Penty, I.H. White, K.R. Poguntke, M.J. Robertson

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A novel integrated Multi-Wavelength Grating Cavity (MGC) laser has been used for multi-channel wavelength conversion at 2.488Gbits/s. Functions demonstrated include conversion to multiple wavelengths, WDM multiplexing and 1×4 space switching.
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Pages (from-to)7/1-7/6
JournalColloquium Digest - IEE
Issue number257
Publication statusPublished - 1998

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Language of Original Document: English

Correspondence Address: Centre for Communications Research, University of Bristol, Queens Building, University Walk, BS8 1TR, United Kingdom

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