Analysis of Transglutaminase-2 in macrophage function

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Programmed cell death, apoptosis, is a highly regulated process that removes damaged or unwanted cells in vivo and has significant immunological implications. Defective clearance of apoptotic cells by macrophages (professional phagocytes) is known to result in chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disease.
Transglutaminase-2 (TG2) is a Ca2+-dependent protein crosslinking enzyme known to play an important role in apoptotic cell clearance by macrophages through an ill-defined mechanism. Several studies have implicated TG2 in the apoptosis programme e.g. raised TG2 levels in cells undergoing apoptosis; increased cell death with down-regulation of TG2; up-regulation of TG2 in monocytes upon differentiation into macrophages. Defective clearance of apoptotic cells by TG2 null mice has been described though in this context the role of TG2 is yet to be elucidated.
Here we aim to characterise the role of TG2 in macrophage function with a focus on apoptotic cell clearance. THP-1 monocytes were induced to differentiate to macrophage-like cells by three different stimulants and were analysed for the presence of TG2. Macrophage-apoptotic cell interaction studies in the presence and absence of irreversible TG2 inhibitors resulted in significant inhibition of interaction indicating a possible role for TG2 in apoptotic cell clearance. TG2 was expressed at the macrophage cell surface and its association with ß3 integrin expression suggests the possible link between TG2 and ß3 integrins. Our current findings suggest that TG2 had got a crucial but yet to be defined role in apoptotic cell clearance.
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Publication statusPublished - 3 Dec 2010
Event2010 British Society for Immunology Annual Congress - Liverpool, United Kingdom
Duration: 6 Dec 201010 Dec 2010


Conference2010 British Society for Immunology Annual Congress
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
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Published: Immunology (2010), Author Index. Immunology, 131: 191–204.


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