Dissipative soliton breathing dynamics driven by desynchronization of orthogonal polarization states

Zhiwei Huang, Sergey Sergyev, Qing Wang, Hani Kbashi, Dmitrii Stoliarov, Qianqian Huang, Yuze Dai, Zhijun Yan, Chengbo Mou

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Breathing solitons, i.e., dynamic dissipative solitons with oscillating pulse shape and energy caused by different mechanisms of spatiotemporal instabilities, have received considerable interest from the aspects of nonlinear science and potential applications. However, by far, the study of breathing solitons is still limited within the time scale of hundreds of cavity round trips, which ignores the slow dynamics. To fill this lacuna, we theoretically investigate a new type of vector dissipative soliton breathing regime and experimentally demonstrate this concept using mode-locked fiber lasers, which arise from the desynchronization of orthogonal states of polarization (SOPs) in the form of complex oscillations of the phase difference between the states. The dynamic evolution of polarization states of the vector breathings solitons takes the form of a trajectory connecting two quasi-equilibrium orthogonal SOPs on the surface of the Poincaré sphere. The dwelling time near each state is on the scale of a tenth of a thousand cavity round trip times that equals the breathing period, which is up to 2 orders of magnitude longer than that for common breathers. The obtained results can reveal concepts in nonlinear science and may unlock approaches to the flexible manipulation of laser waveforms toward various applications in spectroscopy and metrology.
Original languageEnglish
Article number066007
JournalAdvanced Photonics Nexus
Issue number06
Publication statusPublished - 23 Nov 2023

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