Effective uses of business process simulation

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This paper evaluates a number of tools for the redesign of processes through the use of two case studies based in the UK Police Service. There is a particular emphasis on the use of business process simulation in conjunction with activity based costing and activity based budgeting within the context of a business process reengineering approach. The use of a balanced scorecard and marking guide can be used to identify suitable processes for redesign. A process map enables a study of the relationship between the activities that form the process. The process map relates to the conceptual map in a simulation study. A business process simulation based on the logic contained in a process map is demonstrated to enable a dynamic analysis of current process performance and proposed process design. To ensure that the results of the study are implemented the balanced scorecard can be used to set operational targets for performance measures. The current political and cultural context of the organisation should also be taken into account to ensure successful implementation.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2000


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