Importance of key success factors for local and international ngos in humanitarian supply chain

Muhammad Azmat, Sebastian Kummer

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Background: Local and international non-governmental organizations play a pivotal role in a relief operation. However, as the number of disasters and their complexity is increasing, the challenges these organizations face during a relief operation are also growing exponentially. It is crucial for relief organizations to not only understand but also to prioritize the factors, which can make their supply chain work better. Therefore, this research aims at understanding the relationship between the key success factors, which can dramatically enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the relief operation. Moreover, this study also highlights how LNGOs and INGOs differentiate between these KSFs and how they rank them. Methods: To address the objective of this study, the Likert scale style questionnaire was developed and distributed online to all such NGOs (worldwide), which take part in the relief operation. The collected data was then tested for its empirical significance on SPSS using Spearman’s Rho, Pearson Chi-square, to understand the relationship and importance of these factors. Whereas, the odds ratio was calculated to rank each KSF. Results: The results of the study indicate that there exist strong correlation among all selected factors and all KSFs affect INGOs supply chain at least twice as much as they do of LNGOs. Conclusion: According to our findings and in the light of literature discussed in this research, a successful relief supply chain depends not only on greater and stronger coordination & collaboration but also on sharing information and resources among LNGOs and INGOs.
Original languageEnglish
Article number9
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 30 Dec 2019

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  • KSF
  • Key Success factors
  • CSFs
  • humanitarian supply chain
  • NGO
  • Critical Success Factors


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