Interactions between high-intensity light and optical refocus in the drive for hyperopia control

Sayantan Biswas, Joanna Marie Fianza Busoy, Veluchamy A. Barathi, Leopold Schmetterer, Dan Milea, Biten K. Kathrani, Noel A. Brennan, Raymond P. Najjar

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Purpose : To evaluate the synergetic impact of high-intensity light (HL) and optical refocus (RF) on lens induced hyperopia (LIH) in a chicken model.

Methods : One-day-old chicks (n=130) were assigned to 10 groups of 13 chicks each. Chicks were housed for 8 days in a 12/12h light-dark cycle (150 lux). In all groups, hyperopia was induced randomly in one eye from day 1 post-hatching (D1) until D8 using +10D lenses. The fellow eyes acted as uncovered control. Nine groups were exposed daily to continuous 2 hours (h), 4h or 6h of either HL (15,000 lux); RF (removal of +10D lens); or both (HL+RF). One control group remained without HL or RF interventions. Ocular axial length (AL), refractive error and choroidal thickness (CT) were measured on D1, D4 and D8 using ultrasonography, infra-red refractometry and optical coherence tomography. Outcome measures are expressed as inter-ocular difference (IOD=experimental-control eye) ± SEM and compared between groups and intervention durations using a 2-way ANOVA.

Results : By D8, LIH led to a significant decrease in AL (-0.42±0.03 mm), increased hyperopic refraction (+3.48±0.32 D) and choroidal thickening (+85.8±35.2 µm) in the control group (all, P
Conclusions : In eyes developing LIH, daily exposures to HL promotes axial shortening and hyperopia in a duration-dependent manner, whereas, RF promotes emmetropization and slows the development of LIH. Exposure to 6h of HL can modulate the drive of RF potentially through changes involving CT.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationARVO Annual Meeting Abstract
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2022

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NameInvestigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science
ISSN (Electronic)1552-5783

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