Topography of visual evoked magnetic responses to pattern shift, pattern onset and flash stimuli

A. Slaven, C. Degg, Richard A. Armstrong

Research output: Unpublished contribution to conferencePosterpeer-review


Different visual stimuli may activate separate channels in the visual system and produce magnetic responses from the human bran which originate from distinct regions of the visual cortex. To test this hypothesis, we have investigated the distribution of visual evoked magnetic responses to three distinct visual stimuli over the occipital region of the scalp with a DC-SQUID second-order gradiometer in an ubshielded environment. Patterned stimuli were presented full field and to the right half field, while a flash stimulus was presented full field only, in five normal subjects. Magnetic responses were recorded from 20 to 42 positions over the occipital scalp. Topographic maps were prepared of the major positive component within the first 150ms to the three stimuli, i.e., the P100m (pattern shift), C11m (pattern onset) and P2m (flash). For the pattern shift stimulus the data suggested the source of the P100m was close to the midline with the current directed towards the medial surface. The data for the pattern onset C11m suggested a source at a similar depth but with the current directed away from the midline towards the lateral surface. The flash P2m appeared to originate closer to the surface of the occipital pole than both the patterned stimuli. Hence the pattern shift (which may represent movement), and the pattern onset C11m (representing contrast and contour) appear to originate in similar areas of brain but to represent different asepcts of cortical processing. By contrast, the flash P2m (representing luminance change) appears to originate in a distinct area of visual cortex closer to the occipital pole.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1991
EventMeeting of the Society for Experimental Optometry - Birmingham (UK)
Duration: 1 Jul 1991 → …


OtherMeeting of the Society for Experimental Optometry
CityBirmingham (UK)
Period1/07/91 → …

Bibliographical note

Abstract appearing in Papers presented at the meeting of The Society for Experimental Optometry, at Birmingham on 15–16 July 1991, Ophthal Physiol Opt 11(4):P396, 0275-5408.


  • visual stimuli
  • channels
  • visual system
  • magnetic responses
  • bran
  • visual cortex


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