Analysis of organisational climate to improve the adequacy of primary health care in the State of Kuwait

  • Nasser J. Al-Sane

    Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


    This study covers two areas of contribution to the knowledge, firstly it tried to investigate rigourously the relationships of a number of factors believed that they may affect the climate perception, classified into three types to arrive to prove a
    hypothesis of the important role that qualification and personal factors play in shaping the climate perception, this is in contrast with situational factors.
    Secondly, the study tries to recluster the items of a wide-range applied scale for
    the measurement of climate named HAY in order to overcome the cross-cultural
    differences between the Kuwaiti and the American society, and to achieve a modified dimensions of climate for a civil service organisation in Kuwait.
    Furthermore, the study attempts to carry out a diagnostic test for the climate of the Ministry of Public Health in Kuwait, aiming to diagnose the perceived
    characteristics of the MoPH organisation, and suggests a number of areas to be given attention if an improvement is to be introduced. The study used extensively the statistical and the computer facilities to make the analysis more representing the field data, on the other hand this study is
    characterised by the very highly responsive rate of the main survey which would affect the findings reliability. Three main field studies are included, the first one was to conduct the main questionnaire where the second was to measure the "should be" climate by the
    experts of MoPH using the DELPHI technique, and the third was to conduct an extensive meeting with the very top management team in MoPH. Results of the first stage were subject to CLUSTER analysis for the reconstruction of the HAY
    tool, whereas comparative analysis was carried on between the results of the second and third stages on one side, the first from the other.
    Date of Award31 Oct 1985
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorR.W. Cale (Supervisor)


    • climate
    • health organisation
    • analysis
    • Kuwait

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