Fibre bragg gratings for microwave photonics and sensing

  • Guoyu Yu

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


This thesis presents details on the fabrication of microwave transversal filters
using fibre Bragg grating arrays and the building of fibre Bragg grating based
magnetic-field sensors. Some theoretical background about fibre Bragg
gratings, photosensitivity, fibre Bragg grating sensors and filters are presented.
Fibre Bragg grating sensors in other industrial applications are highlighted.
Some sensing principles are also introduced. Experimental work is carried out
to demonstrate a magnetic-field sensor using an established fibre Bragg grating
strain sensor. System performance and trade-off are discussed.
The most important part of this thesis is on the fabrication of photonic
transversal filter using fibre Bragg grating arrays. In order to improve the filter
performance, a novel tap multiplexing structure is presented. Further improving
approaches such as apodisation are also investigated. The basis of
nonrecirculating filter, some structure and performance are introduced.
Date of AwardJul 2002
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJohn Williams (Supervisor)


  • Fibre bragg grating
  • microwave photonics
  • optical fibre sensor
  • photonic transversal filter

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