Some Aspects of the Colonisation and Decay of Fungicidally-Protected Cotton Textiles by Soil Fungi

  • D. Allsopp

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


Problems associated with the biodeterioration of
cotton, including testing and economic aspects are considered.
The studies focus upon the use of pentachlorophenyl-
laurate (PCPL) fungicides, which are among those
most widely used for textile protection.

Aspects of some major types of techniques used in the
study of fungal ecology in relation to textile testing are
discussed and experimental data obtained by their use is
presented. A modified soil burial technique is demonstrated.

Further ecological studies centre upon the isolation
of fungi from POPL-protected cellulosic materials; agar,
perfusion and soil burial techniques being employed.

Studies of the fungal colonisation and associated
strength losses of cotton textile are described.

An account of the development and use of a multiple
perfusion technique for the rapid initial screening of fungicides
is given together with details of its use in the
study of the decay of artificially-weathered fungicidally protected

The development of a technique combining perfusion and
thin-layer chromatography for the study of fungicides is
described, together with its use in an investigation of the
effects of soil organisms on PCPL and the effects of heat on
the efficacy of this fungicide.

The results of investigations into aspects of fungal
growth and physiology in relation to test work using PCPL
are given, special mention being made of effects of pH
and strain differences on Trichoderma viride. Results of
respirometric investigations into the effects of low levels
of PCPL-based fungicides on soil organisms are set out and

Details are given of the development and employment
of a simple strength-testing technique for use with perfused
textile samples.

The colonisation and decay of cotton textiles by soil
fungi, using different soils and varying pH is described,
as is a technique designed for these studies.
Date of Award1973
Original languageEnglish


  • colonisation
  • decay
  • fungicidally-protected cotton textiles
  • soil fungi

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