The study and measurements of the behaviour and characteristics of electromagnetic relays

  • P. Dhar

    Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


    The thesis presents a theoretical and practical study of the dynamic behaviour of electromagnetic relays.
    After discussing the problem of solving the dynamicc equations analytically and presenting a historical survey of the earlier works in the relay and its dynamics, the simulation of a relay on the analogue computer is discussed.
    It is shown that the simulation may be used to obtain specific solutions to the dynamic equations. The computer analysis provides the dynamic characteristics for design purposes and may be used in the study of bouncing, rebound oscillations and stability of the armature motion.
    An approximate analytical solution to the two dynamic equations is given based on the assumption that the dynamic variation of the pull with the position of the armature is linear. The assumption is supported by the Computer-aided analysis and experimental results. The solution is intended to provide a basis for a rational design.
    A rigorous method of analysing the dynamic performance by using Ahlberg's theory is also presented. This method may be justified to be the extension of Ahlberg's theory by taking the mass and frictional damping forces into account. While calculating the armature motion mathematically, Ahlberg considers the equilibrium of two kinds of forces, namely pull and load, and disregards the mass
    and friction forces, whereas the present method deals with the equilibrium of all four kinds of forces. It is shown how this can be utilised to calculate the dynamic characteristics for a specific design. The utility of this method also extends to the study of stability, contact bounce and armature rebound.
    The magnetic circuit and other related topics which are essential to the study of relay dynamics are discussed and some necessary experimental results are given.
    Date of Award1968
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorW.K. Roots (Supervisor)


    • measurement
    • behaviour
    • charactersitics
    • electromagnetic relays

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